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The constant search for innovative and cutting-edge solutions makes the Becchis Line Group the ideal support for a successful and constantly evolving business, aimed at demanding people with precise objectives.

We design and manufacture  equipment for professional beauty care

For maximum results:

  • we only focus on truly effective products and on the technical quality of the components;
  • we dedicate continuous and accurate research to the most innovative technologies on the market;
  • we follow all stages of implementation according to strict protocols that guarantee quality, safety and functionality;
  • we perform rigorous tests, making use of the advice of doctors and experts in the sector;
  • we produce most of our equipment and we are the first importers, not just resellers, of the others;
  • we rely on twenty years of experience in the management of weight loss and beauty centres.


Becchis Line was founded in 2007, when its founder, Luigi Becchis, decided to make available to other wellness operators his long experience as a manager of weight loss centres and his in-depth knowledge of the equipment to be used.

Before then, in fact, Luigi had not only refined an operating method, but had also worked on his own on an innovative technology, that would soon become a patent: Fisikcelluderm. The company was then created this equipment available on the market, with the belief derived from the results obtained that this product is a unique tool in the field of slimming and beauty care.

Over the years, many businesses have chosen Fisikcelluderm and followed the Becchis Line method, giving the company the opportunity to design, produce and market other equipment.

Thanks to the intuitions and vision of its founder, the company has grown geographically, opening to the national market, and has increased the number of collaborators allowing it to develop activities such as training and marketing, complementary fields to the production of technologies for beauty care but equally important to keep up with the times.

Today Becchis Line is projected towards a future full of innovations with new projects to undertake and communicate.


When a customer chooses to rely on us, we’re given the most important thing, trust. This value is fundamental for us and for this reason we devote the utmost attention to the needs of those who have chosen us. The basis of our company policy, therefore, is inspired by transparency, support and excellence in quality.
Everything we do has the ultimate goal of satisfying our customers: we want them to make the best use of our products and to profit from them. This is why we pay particular attention to demonstrable and replicable results, in order to continue to produce equipment of indisputable effectiveness, with a high quality/price ratio and patented.
For us, craftsmanship is a very important value: it is the passion for beautiful things, it is the taste for innovation, it is the idea of ​​creating a unique object. Thanks to this “human” aspect, we are convinced that we can create a virtuous circle together with our customers that helps both to improve.


All Becchis Line appliances comply with the 89/336 / EEC directives of 3.5.89 and subsequent amendments and comply with the safety characteristics provided for by the 2006/95 / EC directive and subsequent amendments.

In addition, the company operates according to the rules that guarantee quality and professionalism, in order to achieve the complete satisfaction of its customers at all stages of the relationship. Therefore, not only in the design and production to ensure products of maximum effectiveness, but also in the marketing and subsequently in the assistance to devote the right attention to the people who choose to rely on us.

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