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We design and manufacture machinery for professional beauty care. We focus on the technical quality of our products and dedicate particular attention to innovation. We carefully control every step of the production process and we run rigorous tests, relying on the advice of the top experts in the business. For these reasons our products guarantee the best results and long-lasting effects. Furthermore, we supply many different services with one sole purpose: helping our clients to reach complete satisfaction in carrying out their activities.

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Fisikcelluderm® is the only technology able to actually replace manual massage. This is due to the use of mechanical movement, distinguishing this device from other equipment based on electric and ultrasonic waves. Thanks to its 6 modelling plates which operate simultaneously, it guarantees various results: slimming, anti-cellulite, toning, and lymphatic drainage. In addition, it doesn’t require the presence of the operator while working, since the treatment is completely autonomous.

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Many businesses chose our technology for professional beauty care. All around Italy, North to South and East to West, hundreds of businesses such as beauty centres, shops and salons, have decided to rely on us and our products, and have enjoyed with satisfaction our high quality Made in Italy products.

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If you want to make a high-revenue and profitable investment, you will find with us professionalism, attention, and full assistance, through every step of the process.

You will be able to start your slimming centre thanks to the Becchis Line Method, taking advantage of every opportunity in the beauty care sector, a market where excellence knows no crisis.

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We dedicate maximum attention to the ones who chose us. The base of our company policy is inspired to transparency, support and quality; particular attention is given to provable and replicable results, and we are passionate about beauty and innovation.

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In addition to developing and producing technologies for the professional beauty care and slimming sector, we offer many other services: training courses, marketing support, 360° assistance and standardized protocols. Our objective is to always help our clients to reach complete satisfaction in carrying out their activities.

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Our headquarters are in Turin province, in Piedmont. Here we have our fully equipped showroom with our broad offer of equipment on display, where it is possible to examine every device. If you want to get in contact with us you can call at 0119710730 or send us an email at the address