The slimming method

The slimming method

Heat treatment and mechanical toning

The Sanybei slimming method provides for the combined use of toning treatments and machinery based on the action of heat.

The toning treatments, to be matched with the heat-based ones, are carried out with the patented Fisikcelluderm®. This device, which does not require the presence of the operator to work, helps remodelling, toning, and slimming without the need for physical activity.

Fisikcelluderm® performs a real mechanical kneading massage, on a maximum of six spots simultaneously. Its effectiveness is comparable to a 3-hours manual massage, but much more energic and vigorous, with immediate results.

With the exclusive technology of Sanysaun ®, a dry heat treatment, many toxic fluids are lost, releasing the reserve fat.

Localized thermic bands (BodyTherm®) work with precision on specific areas, treating effectively the targeted critical spots.

Face care

Here are our offers for a fresh and young face, all the time.

Radiofrequency: it is a painless and non-invasive technique, very effective in countering the effects of time, ageing and wrinkles. For this kind of treatment, a heating handle is used to warm up the skin, stimulating its elasticity and firmness.

Oxygen therapy: it provides an immediate anti-age and detoxicating effect, stimulating collagen production and giving skin a renewed brightness

Vacuum therapy: it is a painless treatment, stimulating the flowing of blood, being very useful for face and décolleté skin relaxation. Results are evident and visible since the very first sessions.

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